Another Forecast Mentioning “Double-Dip” Possibility

Goldman Sachs yesterday came out with a new forecast on the S&P500 price as well as operating earnings, as seen on here:

I found the following phrase interesting; as this is another forecast that mentions the possibility of a “double-dip” recession in the future:

“Goldman’s current economic view is for below-trend growth through 2010, and it believes the risk of a “double-dip” recession is still significant.”

Also in the story it mentions that Goldman raised its operating earnings estimate on the S&P500 to $52 (from $40) for 2009 and to $75 (from $63) for 2010; and its S&P500 price target for year-end 2009 to 1060 from 940. 

SPX at 951.13 as this post is written