America’s Economic Future

A little while ago I wrote an article titled, “America’s Economic Future – ‘Greenfield’ or ‘Brownfield'”.  For those interested, it is the first article listed here:

I would like to make a couple of additional comments with regard to this article.

First, in my opinion the topic of America’s Economic Future is not one that receives adequate attention.  At this point, the topic is of the utmost importance. 

Furthermore, the ‘greenfield’ vs. ‘brownfield’ classification is not well understood.  The underlying dynamics are exceedingly complex; yet if we are to have Sustainable Prosperity it is imperative that we enact policies and actions in line with the ‘greenfield’ concept. 

Second, there are no sirens or alarms that sound when a country or region slips from ‘greenfield’ to ‘brownfield.’  It often is  a process that  can go undetected.  Yet, once a ‘brownfield’ condition is attained, it can be difficult, if not very so, to reverse.  As mentioned in the article, the ‘greenfield’ vs. ‘brownfield’ should not be viewed in terms of one country’s (or region’s) condition, but in terms of one country’s condition relative to that of other countries, especially those that might be competitors.  

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