The Global Economic Future

One of the questions I received when I first started this blog is why I didn’t choose to discuss the global economic future, as opposed to America’s Economic Future.

This is a good question.  In essence, I do believe its focus is on the global economic future, as not only is the United States (obviously) the largest economy, but its economy and its characteristics are so pivotal to those of the rest of the world.  Perhaps as importantly, the United States seems to have attained global leadership with regard to how to best “manage” an economy, as well as how to “fix” The Economic Crisis.  It is evident that many global economies, especially the more developed ones, have adopted (to varying degrees) the same philosophies and actions that the United States has as far as overcoming The Economic Crisis.

As such, I believe an economic discussion that focuses on the United States can in many ways be extended to other countries as well.  The main issues of this blog, such as Sustainable Prosperity, Economic Greenfield vs. Economic Brownfield, etc. are certainly pertinent and applicable to countries and regions worldwide.

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