Inaugural post

I have read that there are 60,000,000 blogs on the internet.  Assuming this is true, why create # 60,000,001?

Because I believe that the Financial Crisis, and our future economic situation, has been discussed incompletely and/or inaccurately.  In my opinion, there is a societal misunderstanding of the Financial Crisis, its potential risks, and probable outcomes.   To say there is much “on the line” here would be a vast understatement.

This blog will heavily reference writings from my website,

2 thoughts on “Inaugural post”

  1. Hello Wayne,

    I am not familiar with the hedge fund issue you refer to…but there appears to be a lot of activity “behind the scenes” during The Financial Crisis that is not receiving much attention or scrutiny.

  2. What is your take on the “dark shadow banking intervention”? Also why is it that three hedge funds in Conneticut were allowed naked shorting of Bear Sterns and Lehmans without ever clearing DCTC. How many of our senators and representatives as well as government officials had equity stakes in those hedge funds. This seems to me to be a planned takedown of the US economy by very influential government and “shadow” entities for a bigger picture outcome.

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