The Hyperinflation Theme

One of the more prevalent themes mentioned has been the possibility, or probability, of hyperinflation.  Hyperinflation is often mentioned due to the degree of “money pumping” and other intervention measures that have occurred in the last two years to combat this period of economic weakness. However, despite all of the predictions of hyperinflation, there appears to … Read more The Hyperinflation Theme

My Thoughts on More Stimulus, Part IV

This is the fourth and last post (for now) with regard to my thoughts on the idea of further stimulus. At this juncture, one is led to wonder “what if more stimulus is enacted?” What may be its potential size and composition?  As seen in the following video interview of Christina Romer: her view on the … Read more My Thoughts on More Stimulus, Part IV

My Thoughts on More Stimulus, Part III

This post will focus on the $787 Billion stimulus. As mentioned in the last post, there are varying perceptions as to its effect-to-date. I would like to go back to earlier this year, before the stimulus was enacted. I would like to briefly discuss the plan at that point, as it, as well as the analysis that accompanied … Read more My Thoughts on More Stimulus, Part III

My Thoughts on More Stimulus, Part II

Perhaps one of the first questions that should be asked with regard to our current economic difficulties is “Do we Understand the Problem?”  I discussed this concept in the article “President Obama’s Greatest Challenge” (listed here as the fourth article): Do we understand the problem?  I will leave that question unanswered, for now.  However, some aspects … Read more My Thoughts on More Stimulus, Part II

My Thoughts on More Stimulus, Part I

Recently, there have been calls by some for additional stimulus. As I believe this issue deserves significant analysis and discussion, the next few posts will address various facets of this issue. I would like to start addressing the issue by calling attention to an article I wrote in January.   It is titled “My Overall Thoughts … Read more My Thoughts on More Stimulus, Part I

An Interesting Chart on Job Losses

I ran across the following chart from, and found it interesting: As one can see, the current degree of job losses is rather atypical. I would also like to highlight another issue as well.  From a historical perspective, this (purported) recession, that the NBER has classified as having started in December 2007, is … Read more An Interesting Chart on Job Losses

Article of Note on the Foreclosure Crisis

I found the following article to be of interest.  It is titled “New Evidence on the Foreclosure Crisis” and is found in The Wall Street Journal, p A13, July 3-5, at this link: While I can’t verify his analysis, the article is worth reading. I don’t agree with all of his conclusions, especially his remark that … Read more Article of Note on the Foreclosure Crisis


This was an interesting editorial in The Wall Street Journal a few days ago concerning the “redefault” rate: These statistics are problematical, especially if one believes the economy will stagnate or worsen from this juncture. It also raises the question as to the effectiveness of intervention measures on default rates and housing prices.  Many of the current … Read more Redefaults

Rep. Barney Frank interview – my comments

Here is a recent interview of Rep. Barney Frank on CNBC.  I found the first few minutes to be interesting, as well as disconcerting in many ways: What nearly everyone, especially the decision-makers in Washington, don’t seem to grasp is the risks inherent in large-scale market interventions.  One question to ask might be, “If large-scale market … Read more Rep. Barney Frank interview – my comments

10-year Treasury Yield

It is interesting that there has been relatively little commentary on the increase of the 10-year Treasury yield. In my opinion the rise is significant in many ways.  Perhaps chief among them is the fact that the yield has risen sharply (to a current 3.46%) despite a large-scale intervention designed to bring yields lower.   This divergence is significant because it … Read more 10-year Treasury Yield