More Questions Regarding Green Shoots

In the last post, Warren Buffett commented what he was seeing with regard to signs of an upturn.  This link contains what John Rice, Vice Chairman of GE recently (6/19) said: “I am not particularly of the green shoots group yet,” Rice said today to the Atlanta Press Club, referring to a phrase used by Federal Reserve … Read more More Questions Regarding Green Shoots

Are We In a Depression?

One of the questions that seems to be popular since the economic events of 2008 is whether we are in a Depression.  As such, for the next few posts I will be commenting on the topic. Here are two links that indicate that we are not in a Depression: Yet, as indicated in this … Read more Are We In a Depression?

The Global Economic Future

One of the questions I received when I first started this blog is why I didn’t choose to discuss the global economic future, as opposed to America’s Economic Future. This is a good question.  In essence, I do believe its focus is on the global economic future, as not only is the United States (obviously) the … Read more The Global Economic Future

Consumer-Led Recovery Story

This story, “On Borrowed Time : Consumer-Led Recovery” was in The Wall Street Journal on June 9.  I found the chart and its implications to be interesting.  One is led to wonder “how much gas is left in the tank” with regard to Household Debt as a Percentage of Disposable Income.  This is  especially an issue with “Income” and … Read more Consumer-Led Recovery Story

In Ben We Trust?

I will comment frequently on Ben Bernanke, due to his position, but perhaps more importantly, because of his stated theories, beliefs, and ideologies.  It seems to me that the handling of The Financial Crisis certainly has the “fingerprints” of Ben Bernanke all over it.  In fact, I believe that perhaps no other person’s ideologies have ever played … Read more In Ben We Trust?

The National Debt and Deficits

John Taylor wrote the following article “Exploding Debt Threatens America”: Although I don’t agree with some of his figures and reasoning, the central point is important:  This debt level is a serious problem. It also illustrates the difficulty of  ridding ourselves of this level of indebtedness.   These issues will likely get greater attention now that sovereign debt … Read more The National Debt and Deficits