The Concept of a “Super Depression”

Please note; some will find this post disturbing I would like to call your attention to the article titled “A S&P500 Target of 100?” which is found under the “Investor” heading here: With the S&P500 currently at 893.72, I am sure that many will find the mere notion of the 100 level to be highly … Read moreThe Concept of a “Super Depression”

Great Depression Stock Charts vs Our Current Period

I’m sure everyone has seen the various charts depicting the stock market during The Great Depression to that of our recent period. The comparisons that I have seen show a definite visual resemblance, and perhaps that is what is attracting such attention, as these charts have proven very popular. From my perspective, I think that any resemblance … Read moreGreat Depression Stock Charts vs Our Current Period

“Opportunity of a Lifetime”?

One phrase that I have heard mentioned a few times is that the economic and market declines of 2008-early2009 created a “Opportunity of a Lifetime” to buy stocks, businesses, and other assets. I am not sure what reasoning is used to justify the “Opportunity of a Lifetime” phrase (and no reasoning has been provided).  It would … Read more“Opportunity of a Lifetime”?