Three Unemployment Charts

Occasionally, I have posted charts concerning unemployment.  With Friday’s unemployment release, here are three charts that I find noteworthy:

First, from the St. Louis Fed site, the Median Duration of Unemployment. 

Second, from the CalculatedRisk blog of 1/8/10, Unemployed Over 26 Weeks:

Third, again from the CalculatedRisk blog of 1/8/10 – I like this chart as it presents a relative depiction of Post WWII recession job losses.  As one can see, our current period of economic weakness’s job losses are outsized both in duration and severity:

As depicted by these charts, our unemployment problem is severe.  Unfortunately, there does not appear to be any “easy” solutions.

A few months ago I wrote a series of blog posts titled “Why Aren’t Companies Hiring?” which can be found at this link:

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