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Just a couple of quick administrative notes…

Obviously, changing past posts’ content is disingenuous.  However, sometimes it is necessary.  My policy has been, and will continue to be, the following:  I allow myself to change post content on the same day the post is created, to allow for editing, rewording, accuracy, formatting, etc.  After that day, the post will remain “as is”, including typos.

However, I will change post content at any time if there are bad links, or obvious factual errors (for example, in a recent post I mentioned a May CFNAI report as representing that of April, which I have corrected.)  Factual errors, to my knowledge, happen very infrequently – the above example is the only error I can recall.

As well, I change post categorization and tags if, in retrospect, they are suboptimal.  This is done to make site usage easier.

Please let me know (via should you encounter bad links or any other problems.

Also, I maintain another site which duplicates every posting on this site.  That website is

misc. note

Just a couple of quick notes:

First, as many already know,  I occasionally write blog post “series” that span over a few blog posts.  Usually these blog series concern topics that I feel very strongly about, and/or are sufficiently complex to require more than one post.  I have created a “blog post” page that indicates the starting links for these blog series.  This page can be found along the right side of the home page, under “Pages”, as well as at this link:

Also, just a reminder that I keep a secondary posting site for this blog at the following address, should there ever be an issue in accessing this site.  Also, searching for keywords at this alternate site is easy.  The link for this secondary blog site is:

misc. note

Just a couple of quick notes…

First, as you might have noticed along the right side of the page, there is now an email sign-up powered by Feedburner/Google.   This allows one to sign up to receive, via email, each day’s post content. 

Second, above this email signup, is a device from Site Meter.

misc. note – email signup

Just a quick note.  I have developed a separate blog that mirrors this one (as far as post content is concerned); with the added benefit of allowing for those interested to sign up for each day’s content to be sent via email. 

The site is : 

(The email signup is found on the upper right-hand side)

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misc note – directory

As previously stated, much of what is written on this blog will reference longer writings on my website,

I have created a page that lists all of the material on; it can be found listed on the right-hand side of this site’s home page, as well as here:

misc. note

Readers of this blog may want to read a special comment; it is listed below and can also be found here:

Comment – Special

As you will notice, much of my blog posts and writings point to a difficult and painful future resolve to our economic difficulties, or at least sound a cautionary note with regard to actions that have and/or will be taken to improve our economic problems.  These opinions are based upon my analysis of the economy.

There can be no assurances that my analysis, and resulting views, are correct.  In fact, most of the professional economic and financial community, Federal Reserve, and politicians have provided forecasts and analyses that currently point to an economy that is at or near “bottom”, with the worst damage behind us.  This conclusion is in sharp, dichotomous contrast with the conclusions I have drawn.

In many ways, I wish my analysis proves completely incorrect, and that we are well on our way to Sustainable Prosperity.

A note about politicians and government officials 

Occasionally I mention politicians and government officials by name.   I am of the opinion that our current economic difficulties have not been caused by one, or even a few politicians.  Many have inherited very difficult situations.

Recently, I heard a political commentator say that he felt as if most politicians have a genuine interest in providing benefit to the country.  I would like to believe that is the case.

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